The Wandin Seville Community Bank Branch is operated by a public company called Wandin Seville Financial Services Ltd which has become a successful part of the local community.

Not only does it operate the branch, it gives back to local organisations through monetary support for special projects, equipment, apparel, education needs and so on. It has reached over $100 million in funds under management and has been able to pay out substantial dividends to shareholders in recent years.


Ran by the community, for the community.

When the Wandin and Seville townships found out they were to have both local banks closed by two seperate major banks, people and local traders were very concerned what this would mean to the towns. This was when the idea of a Bendigo branch of a community bank was formed.

A group of interested community members was briefed by Bendigo Bank on 23 February 2001 in relation to the proposal to establish Wandin Seville Community Bank Branch and a committee was formed to evaluate the proposal.

The results of a feasibility study were presented to the committee at a meeting held on 24 September 2001 and it was unanimously voted to proceed towards the establishment of the first Wandin Seville Community Bank Branch.

The Wandin branch was officially opened by Bendigo Bank Chairman Richard Guy OAM on 29 May 2002.


  • Ray Barrett (Chairperson)

  • Dannie McKinnon (Company Secretary)

  • Kim Parry, JP Retd.

  • Graeme Prime

  • Gavan McIntyre

  • Robert McDougall

  • Jim Brown

  • Susan Harmsworth

  • Jay Naran